Thursday, October 26, 2017


It is never too late to begin again,
The road is still long and yet to end.
Look the sun is up and no rain,
The road is not the same rend.

Beaten you were by the wrath of stars,
Definitely intended it was not to scar you.
But to familiarize you with the scars,
Not all not seen aren’t without scars; quite an awe.

“Stallion, get out of the cage,
Beat the dust off your heart.
Scar is just a skin with a concealed message.
Oh, my dear, don’t take it too hard,” beckons your heart.

Determined and POSITIVELY motivated,
On a new road with the birds you sing.
Win or lose least bothers you, aggravated,
All you seek: solace, serenity, tranquility and zing.

Sun rise in Shataksha Pry School.
- Taken at 6.20am, on 10th April 2016 at 2000m above the sea level approximately.
140 kms away from the capital, 4 hours drive and 2 hours hike up the terrain.


  1. The picture and the poem totally relates to each other. No doubt it is never too late but if an opportunity once gone never comes back.

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  3. he best evening poems From sunsets to twilight and dusky moments, poets have often focused on that time of day when the light is fading