Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thing call Positivism

Never mind the darkness; it still doesn't last beyond its phase. Ain't be right, yet adhere to your guts than rightness. Sometimes; its about walking out of that old door and embracing tomorrows with a clear conscience. For; locking oneself inside the dingy room shut with just an old rattling door, because you are worried of what's right and wrong, and what if tomorrow is dark and cold? Doesnt always do good to soul than strangling colourful tomorrows.    

Oh, my oh, nobody has seen tomorrow and so no one knows of her. She may be good/bad/right/wrong. One does need guts to face her as she comes, as she will be, as you are.

Either way the dingy corner is no better.

Keep smiling and be positive, I have heard this inside-outlook of tomorrow partly impacts the way she unfolds on you or your approach to her.... Accordingly you perceive her and she succors. 

In a nutshell that's the power of positivism.

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