Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nonetheless, Thimphu is a lovely home

My shoddy art, but I am learning

Making out for all those #artclasses at #vastbhutan I have missed, today I took out some time to draw the logo of Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition as a tribute to this wonder exhibition. And also as I was managing the Public Toilets at the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, Thimphu Chorten. 

It is quite a meditation when you relearn how to draw out of your busy schedule, busy schedule yes since you have to do two different jobs 1 in office doing social services during day time, and 2 at home in the night to earn some so you cover up your monthly expenses. One may wonder why 2 jobs and the over work? But that's how you survive in this economically driven expensive capital: Thimphu. 

Nonetheless, Thimphu is a lovely home.

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