Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dew on the Rose (Morning Prayer - 1)

Wash away the dirt on your face with water,
Ease the pain inside with words,
Dispel your doubts by asking.

Enrich yourself by observing and listening,
Dont be scared of getting hurt,
It is simply because you're yet to learn roses have thorns.

keep your eyes, ears and heart open,
To share, learn, feel and experience new things always.
There is never an end to it, however dew does dry.

Oh, my, dear, how lovely aint it?
Dew on the rose,
So, beautiful, so perfect together.

Though, none can own it beyond morning,
World can still admire and draw inspiration,
Thorns dont bother one anymore.

Dew on the Rose


  1. Wow, great prayer..... so philosophical and romantic at the same time... Always stay blest!

    1. Thank you so much la for dropping by as always ..