Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcoming September

It's quite interesting how some folks desperately want to do something in her/his life and die with nothing down.. Some they don't want to do anything and yet die achieving something.
May be it's dont push yourself too hard to the point you forget you are a human and your time is fixed, that you need to breath. May be you don't do anything at all or do at least something, but, with all your heart...
Keeping smiling, life's just beautiful!!!
Happy September.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Food and Thought

Say, you are so hungry, you have cooked the best of the best cuisine you can cook or ordered it from the best restaurant in the town. It's on your table. But, what if, some vigilantes gobbled it up right in front of your eyes before you could even taste the broth. What would you do? How would you feel? You are definitely not going to sing them a song nor will you say thank you. You might most probably burn in anger and grumble like a dumb tiger in the cage, but cant do nothing. You are basically helpless.

Just assuming still, you have cooked your favorite dish/food or ordered it from the best restaurant in the town. It's on your table, after having a spoon or two you are done. You threw the entire food. But, while throwing it away do you ever feel guilty? Do you ever feel anything?

Well, actually you should feel 1000 kgs of guilt, because there are 101 who go without a single meal in the entire day. They are broke and cant afford it. You can afford anything to eat. They are weak and poor. They are helpless, but you can help them. You dont have to do more than taking the exact of food you can eat. It is that simple indeed, but very profound. Please dont throw food.

It tells a lot about your food and thought!!!!!

Photo: Red rice wasted

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baby shower

People say, "Until you become a parent, you will never understand what it means to be a parent." I have also heard people say, "Giving a birth alone doesn't qualify one as a parent, but the upbringing of the infant soul with love, care and dedication."

Now, I am not a parent as yet myself, however, I have seen my nieces and nephews grow right in front of my eyes and it has made me believe that upbringing of the baby with love, care and dedication actually gives her/him the confidence and hope to fight on, so she/he can really become whoever she/he aspires to be in her/his life.

I am cent percent sure you my friend Sonam Kelzang and Rinzin choden that you two will be the best parents and friends your baby daughter could ever possibly wish for. Please teach her to be a good human being. Teach her to share. Teach her to help. Teach her love. Teach her to survive. Also teach her that life is not a bed of roses . Teach her to be positive and above all plz teach her to keep smiling, cos life's just beautiful.

Its my sincere wish and prayer that you two will be there through the good and the bad together always for her, and help her grow into whoever she aspires to be in her life...

A big congratulations and all the luck!!

Photo: With Doctor Sonam Kelzang and his 6 days old daughter.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good morning thoughts

One can hardly pluck the star from the garden of the vast sky, so is in trying to make her/him happy; it's really hard. But why do you even have to try to pluck the star from the heaven when it's already and always shining? Why do you even have to try make her/him happy when she/he don't at all give a try to be happy already as always?

It's way lot easier to show her/him stars are shown in the sky and there is no point looking for it in the sky of the past. Than trying to make her/him understand stars cannot be plucked in the first place.

It's way lot easier to show her/him happiness is looking into the mirror every morning and seeing yourself alive and there is no point trying to change the mirror if you don't see. Than trying to make her/him understand that happiness is found by looking at the right direction, but more than that by looking inward direction of oneself.

Keep smiling. Life's just beautiful! !

P.S As I was writing this it was 2 AM already. Have a wonderful day.