Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Everyone is beautiful and so is the world you are in. That is how it should be at least.

If the world is not as beautiful as you are or you think you are, then it is either you think you are too beautiful and busy pulling others down or you think you are not beautiful and then busy breaking mirrors or whatever it reflects, "the you."

But, by pulling others down be it physically or emotionally it might take you up or make your day for just one, but the very next and the following days it is cent percent sure you are going down. And on the other hand by breaking the mirrors you are not going to not see your reflections when the whole wide world is a big, "mirror" of you!

All these beautiful, pretty, ugly or whatever you desire to name, they are all abstract, conceptual and perceptual. Until you change the very understanding of beautiful, pretty or ugly and uproot it from your head, it is for sure you are going to miss the most prettiest creation of the nature: you.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Good Morning Notes - 18

Walked miles through the dust,
Sun beating hard on your face,
It was no warm like August,
Walked steps a time you did race. 

Woods bowed to the churns of wind,
Clouds wandered past hills,
Birds didn't sing as though sinned,
Flowers shivered beneath heels.

Walked miles yet again,
But, the dust has started to settle,
Sun beating down yet again,
But, to guide you through the battle.

Woods danced to the songs of the wind,
Clouds puffed the blue sky in glee,
Birds whistled the tune of wind,
Flowers smiled innocently in the brie.

You will have to walk over again,
Through the soil, fire, water and air,
Walk all over again it's inevitable,
But, living every step of the walk is worth reaching un-live-able.

Keep smiling. . Life's just beautiful. .

Photo: The Sun rise. Taken at 6am, April 14, 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy International Nurses Day

To all the hardworking Nurses in the world, here is a quick shout out to you all,

If not for your sacrifice, love and care for the patients, then I would never have the guts to look into the eyes of my loved ones when in pain. If not for you all I would have lost my loved ones before time. You, my dear nurses, with just a soft magic touch; you gave them hope to fight on, spirit to believe in oneself that disease is not as danger or worst as losing ones spirit to fight on, as bad as losing faith in ones love to live. 

You all give me hope to believe in patient, despite the wrathful clutch of ruthless disease. You all gave me the spirit that sickness is not that kills nor the medicines that cures the patient, but ones believe and hope makes a difference of sky and earth. You all give me eyes to make the patient see one should have faith in oneself.

 All you astonishing nurses, if my ailing father is still breathing  though the disease is eating him away every second, or if he is still smiling through the pain as though he is at ease and in bliss in your hands, then its because of the love all you wonderful nurses and brothers in the hospital have shown to him and to all the patients. You all are the epitome of hope, spirit and above the light of LIFE.

May you all live 100s of years and continue to have the strength to heal the patients all around the world and continue giving them hope to live a day longer.

You all are just wonderful...... Thank you so much.....

A cartoon of a Nurse from Google