Monday, February 29, 2016

Happens for a reason!

Everything happens of a reason and a very valid example: I love walking, oh, yeah. I love walking carrying a bag-pack that weighs almost 5 plus kilos (a laptop, a book, a diary, a flask, two adapters, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, a roll of toilet paper,a few blank papers and Mr. lunch box) and I enjoy every step. Because I could never afford to buy let alone a car or a motor bike, but not even a bicycle.....I am serious.... Now what can be more reasonable than this?

Next time around, dont go questioning everything under the sky. It surely happens for a reason. :D :D

Oh, yeah, I love walking.

Photos: Yeshi Jamtsho

Stopping by a  street tea stall, across the border,  for some sweet masala tea after my cousin and I have hiked for four and a half hours. Oh, I have learned the secret of making sweet masala tea, too. :D


  1. Make me one Masala tea for me the next time I see you, tubga? ;D

    1. Oh, sure Rima... I really know how to make one :) :)

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