Monday, February 29, 2016

Happens for a reason!

Everything happens of a reason and a very valid example: I love walking, oh, yeah. I love walking carrying a bag-pack that weighs almost 5 plus kilos (a laptop, a book, a diary, a flask, two adapters, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, a roll of toilet paper,a few blank papers and Mr. lunch box) and I enjoy every step. Because I could never afford to buy let alone a car or a motor bike, but not even a bicycle.....I am serious.... Now what can be more reasonable than this?

Next time around, dont go questioning everything under the sky. It surely happens for a reason. :D :D

Oh, yeah, I love walking.

Photos: Yeshi Jamtsho

Stopping by a  street tea stall, across the border,  for some sweet masala tea after my cousin and I have hiked for four and a half hours. Oh, I have learned the secret of making sweet masala tea, too. :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Every one must exit,
When it's one's time,
Why are you crying? 
While you can stay its your time.
Don't you see times too short?
Its just a lil while,
Oh, come on my dear,
Won't you now smile?
Smile ... Just smile...Exit leads to another entry...

All I am saying

All I am saying is, let the young grow,
All I am saying is, let the poor survive,
All I am saying is, let the old live,
All I am saying is, let the weak breath.

All I am saying is, let sharing be your prayers,
All I am saying is, let your smile be their strength,
All I am saying is, let your heart radiate love,
All I am saying is, let your neighbor sing.

All I am saying is, life is time,
All I a saying is, time is journey,
All I am saying is, journey is living,
All I am saying is, living is love.

All I am saying is, let there be LOVE!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


A wonderful day doesn't guarantee a wonderful night,
Nor a wonderful night can guarantee a wonderful day,
Never did I feel in my heart although my head knew,
That split second is a complete new page.
It's just a flitting moment you and I have,
And that lil moment can make a difference of life and death,
Every soul knows this,
Yet every soul also over look this.
Deeply sadden I am tonight,
Despite a beautiful day,
Lying beside my recovering apa,
I get a news, "Your childhood friend has passed away!"
Thousands of questions flood my head,
Thousands of memories flood my mind,
Thousands of our loud - laughs stab my heart,
Thousands moments of togetherness thunder my heartbeat.
Aie, my dear friend Kado,
Its been a while isn't it?
Just like any other fools, we were caught up in humdrums isn't it?
The course of life isn't it?
I have always thought you were happy,
I have always been positive about you,
I have always narrated your stories to motivate others,
I..... I just can't believe this!!
Sigh, I hope you won't forget me,
It's impossible to forget you,
Aie, my friend Kado; your time has come just too soon,
The harsh reality isn't it?
My dear friend, I promise to keep our memories alive for eternity,
Please find a safe way and travel safe,
Dont try holding back,
With prayers and love, I let you go!
My prayers for your soul to rest in peace
but, I just want to tell you, "You are taking away my childhood memories!!!"

Pic: Recent pics of my recent turned late, my friend, my brother Kado. Taken in Samdrupjongkhar, South Eastern Bhutan.

Friday, February 5, 2016

3rd Bhutanese Bloggers Conference

Dear folks,

Tomorrow at 3PM, at RSPN Conference Hall, in Kawajangsa; the third Bhutanese Bloggers Conference will be held. It will be just 3 hours program. You are all welcome, its entirely free and anyone can walk in. Tea and snacks will be served.

Looking forward to seeing you all la.

Dress Code: Formal