Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Book

Just six and a half hours to complete the book, I have started on the same time; that would be after six and a half hours from now and I am already excited to learn that I am actually competing the book quite handsomely. Never thought I would be able to read it all through, however I knew, once I have started it must end and it should end whether I like it or not. Otherwise how am I supposed to start another book?

It was quite a journey; sometime I would have a real tough time progressing onto a new page that I sank into remorse of earlier paragraphs for hours and hours. My head would start to buzz like a swarm of bees into my ears and my heart would start to race like a bullet train, as though it needs to cover thousands of miles in an hour. I would really have a hard time to actually comprehend the page, however; I would break the paragraph into sentences, sentences in words, words into letters and then try to contemplate; did I miss spell the word? Did I put the words into a wrong sentence? Did I understand the whole paragraph wrong? Did I really miss understand the page?....Well,  until I got a clear, logical, understandable and feel-able answer, I would turn the page very carefully.

As I went on reading, some pages introduced me to dark chapters, some to mysterious turns and some they took me into chapters those were filled with happiness, surrounded by beautiful people and animals that I wished the whole chapter never to end or at least have extended pages. But, that was just a wish and that’s the way it is. Read and live every page as it unfolds, and rejoice every page; for time doesn’t permit any soul to be at the same page beyond the allotted period and one should turn onto a new page, whether one wish for or not.

 And sometime it was complementary to my surprise, as I went through the book page by page, that a simple meaning or a simple message that a page carried, would mean so much than the entire chapter. It is at times those little things, we find/see/learn/understand/have or give, matters the most and it will have a huge impact in our/their lives. In a way the simple message of a simple line would go beyond my understanding that I leave for time to tell me on the right time. Till then, I never judged the book by its cover nor by the number of its pages, I just kept reading a page at a time whole heartedly, begin positive and hopeful, be it good or bad,  because I know  everything must end when its time.

Sadly, it is coming to an end, I never thought it would be ending just too soon. When I look back now, everything appears to be nothing more than a dream. Once a fresh and now just an old page, some torn and some patched. Some folded and some memorized, just to save as a memory, both good and the bad.  After all that’s how books are made of and so is our time on this planet.  

My book 2015 ends in six and a half hours, but before it runs out and before I embrace my new book 2016, I want to wish every soul on the planet a very, “Happy New Year, may it bring in loads of happiness, values and peace to you and to the planet Earth. “

Happy reading the brand new Book 2016 to all of you!!

Picture : A quick New Year card design for you all.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ata Brokpa

The bond so called, “friendship,” can be so beautiful and unexpected too. I am not talking about the friends those who walk on two feet, but my new friends I met on 4,200 meters above the sea level on 20th December 2015.

The moment I and my co-hiker Ugyen reached about 3,300 meters above the sea level, he smiled at us and greeted with a few hops and rounds. He said, “Welcome, welcome my friends,” climbing on a rock near by and jumped down.

The clouds above started to engulf the mighty sun and soon the whole mountain was blanketed with heavy dark clouds. Snowflakes started to swirl down on my face and bit me like a rodent with sharp teeth. I was not sure if I wanted to hike up farther into the mountains or not, I looked at my co-hiker Ugyen and he said, “Lets, climb!” “Okay,” I said and so we started to ascend.

But, the dark clouds wont clear up making our visibility really poor. We could hardly see anything beyond fifty meters or so. “Are we crazy? Should we return?” I often asked myself, because I know my co-hiker hasn’t gone farther than that point, except me. When I was a little scared of the unexpected guests in the highlands and wanted to stop, our new friend would climb a few meters ahead of us, sit on the edge of the stone slab on the high ground, facing the wind and let his hair dance in the wind, and then wait for us. The look in his eyes, the dominating sitting gesture with a fore leg over the other told me, “It’s safe to climb up.” And this encouraged us to keep climbing up to 4,200 meters above the sea level. Later his two other friends joined us making our two-lonesome hike, into quite a large fun-lovingly-playing-around hike.

“Oh, my, oh!” The feeling you get when you reach on top of the mountain, it is too BEAUTIFUL!! By then my friend Ugyen offered a Ri-wo Sang-choe, an incense offering on the giant mountain top, and soon the whole sky started to clear up just like that making everything yellow, warm and beautiful. This was when we did some funny photo-shootings jumping around.

Standing at the top of the giant mountain, as I looked around, breathing very deeply occasionally, I couldn’t stop saying to myself, “Sigh, how beautiful everything is in the arms of the nature!” Stayed there for about twenty minutes rejoicing and appreciating the beauty of nature, and at the same time thanking my new friends, it was only because of them our hike was pleasant and successful. I couldn’t agree more how tired I was and my new friend was, when he came by my side and fell asleep.

Before returning, I named my new friend, “Ata brokpa,” (elder highlander in my mother tongue). He really was a good fella and I loved his and his friends company. Later, when you folks go up and if you happen to see him, then kindly give my regards.

Photographer : Ugyen Lhendup​
Taken at 42,00 meters above the sea level, at 12 PM, on 20th December 2015

With Ata Brokpa

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bloggers Dinner : Thank you note

Thank you so much folks, for showing up and making the Bloggers Annual Dinner a success. It was such a wonderful dinner and so nice meeting all you folks. Thank you so much T.G and Dechen R. for those two beautiful Bhutanese short films. Thank you so much folks who came all the way from P/ling, Wangdi and Paro, your presence made the night more beautiful. Thank you so much Sir Dorji Wangchuk and family for hosting us, and yes thank you all the folks who came for cleaning pre and post Bloggers Dinner, without your hand, the event would have been hard to take shape.

Once again on behalf of the organizer, thank you all so much.

Have a wonderful day la.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bloggers Dinner on Saturday

Dear Bloggers and Writers,
On Saturday the 26th December at 5pm in Kawajangsa, Thimphu, we are organizing a small Bloggers Dinner. You are all welcome and for that I would like to request all the interested folks to kindly confirm either by tomorrow or latest by Friday. That way we can arrange all the necessary things for you all.
For confirmation, you may kindly drop a message in any of the following inboxes.
Your early confirmation would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all la.

Dress Code: Informal
P.S.  You may bring in your fav drinks too :)

The Bedding

16th December was a tiring day for me and to add on, the weather after lunch associating with the chilly wind really made me double my pace, as though going for a walker-thon and there is someone waiting for me with a huge trophy, supposing I came first. I walked fast ducking my head often to make sure the wind don’t blow off my cap and at the same time minding my, “Gho” dont parachute on me.

I have crossed the zebra crossing lying a few meters past Thimphu main traffic and I was busy surveying those two little BOB ATM houses in Druk Shopping complex visually, looking for the shortest queue to join. Just imagine how I looked, with one hand weighing down the cap on my head and another holding the gho dividers on my bump shielding from parachuting. Just then, I hear somewhat familiar giggle, but it was too faint for me to familiarize the tone, so I kept my steps. Again the giggle, this time a little louder and I saw this guy cutting his face into two with a huge smile a few steps up giggling at me. “I know, I look funny, so don’t mind folks laughing at me.” I comforted myself and hurried my steps.

Steps up and I could hear no giggle, “May be he wasn’t giggling at you?” My inner voice started telling me not to be judgmental. “I know, I know,” I defended myself. I was about to join the shorter queue on the right, when that guy with a huge giggling face caught me by my arm from behind and pulled back as though an act of bully, just like those bullies in schools in the movies. “Oye, you don’t remember me?” He held my arm tight, looked me in the eye and said, “Oh, goodness you don’t!”    Suddenly I remembered, “Oh, gosh, is that really you?” “Of course, it’s me!” He threw his hands wide open to huge me. My long lost childhood friend was standing right in front of me all this time and I did not recognize him, “Oh, gosh, I am so sorry!” I begged him.

He laughed so loud looking at me and that took me to those childhood days in Babesa Primary School, when we used to joke around and laugh at silly things till we run out of breath. “Hahaha, I still remember what you did that day!” He laughed so hard again. But, I got no clue what he was referring to and I don’t remember anything, “Please, tell me what did I do that day,   that made you laugh so hard?” I asked him, because I know I might have done something crazy; for I used to do that kind of stuffs only. “The bedding? Do you remember the bedding?” He laughed out words loud on my face. But no, I swear, I don’t remember anything. I knew I should drag him for some tea and dig out the story then and there, and so I did.

“You see, I have got a very sharp memory,” he started with a typical self praising. “Do you remember, our late teacher madam Tshomo?” “Oh, yes, aie R.I.P.” I chanted some prayers for her. “Do you remember Environmental Science (EVS) home work she gave us in class 3?” My goodness, his question made me believe he really has a sharp memory.      “Class 3? Are you kidding me, that’s like 20 plus years ago and how do you expect me to remember the EVS homework?”I questioned as an answer. He laughed so hard this time also and nearly spilled the tea on the table. Now I was more curious to know!

“Hahahahaha,” his laugh started to make me eat my brain now. “Please, tell me brother!” I pushed him. “Okay, okay,” and he laughed again. “That day, you know,” he paused to laugh another round. “Ah, come on!” I had to hold him. “A day before that day we were given an EVS homework to do.” Again, he broke out into laugh….. “Zai, wai, please tell me I am dying to hear!” His laugh sank me, I thought he didn’t hear me so I pretended to get up and order something to eat. Then he continued, “A day before that day we were given an EVS homework, but you had not done it.” He was running out of breath laughing but started, “And when she asked, ‘Why didn’t you do it? You said, ‘I don’t get time to do home work walking to and fro school.’” He ran out of breath, “Then she said, ‘Why don’t you bring your bedding and sleep in the class,’” He laughed so hard, he had tears in his eyes, “And the very next day, you actually brought the bedding to class, hahahahahahahahaha!”     “Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.” We laughed so so so loud that folks in the other table started to look at us. We didn’t mean to but, we could not control. “Hahahahahahahahahahaha.” He made my evening.

People say the very place we live in, is a very small world, but sometimes it is ages before you meet those people you have known long long long time ago. Never hold grudges or hurt them or hold anything if you want to tell them, because we never know; we might never meet them again to say, “Hi or sorry!”

My childhood friend and I, we met after seventeen years!

Faith in You

I feel, if the very faith you have or believe you believe in, discourages or undermines her/his faith/believe, or if the very faith/believe you hold in high respect is based on the mass influence; then that is the time you should consider reviewing your own faith/believe.

At the end of the day, no faith/believe is greater than the very faith/believe you put in yourself.

It's you that matters the most, for you are the most beautiful creation of the nature!

Running down the hill on 4,200 meters above the sea level,
3 hours hike past Phajoding, at 12 PM, on 20th December 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sleeping pills - 5

A deep breath and you are wide awake,
The warmth of your bed is as cold as ice,
Trying hard to clamp eyes together,
Reaps dew in your tiny eye cups.

Your heart pounds like a heavy mortar,
Blood shoots like a jet in your veins,
You could hear your teeth clattering,
And violent waves crashing in your head.

The hard day had you completely,
Both inside out bitten like a rabid tooth,
"Although I did my best I have lost,"
You wonder what went wrong?

Take another deep breath,
Let air feel you not just fill,
Let your eye lids kiss slowly,
Let the tempest inside recede.

Sleep the kindest nurse,
Will nurse you to sweet slumber,
Dont fail to believe in yourself,
A new day of "Hope," awaits you!!

Good Night world!!!

Borne fire with Changangkha Lhakhang
in the background.
Taken at 11pm on 1st December 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Community of Bhutanese Bloggers Dinner

Dear Bhutanese Bloggers and Writers,
On 26th December, at 5pm in Kawajangsa, Thimphu; we are organizing a small Bloggers Dinner. You all are welcome la.
Its entirely informal and casual. 
Looking forward to seeing you all la.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dont You Ever

No matter what you have wished for or longed for or dreamed of; at the beginning you think,"If I get/achieve/become this or that, then I will be the happiest person in the entire world." You work day and night. And when you actually fulfill or get that priced wish you have wished for, you cry some tears of joy and that's it. It over just like that. Some may write stories about you, some may talk about you or record your name in the history book. Thats okay and good.
But, all your hard works, sacrifices, emotional break downs, tears, heart breaks and all the sufferings and pains you have gone through, will either matter so less or hardly matter anything to you, thereafter. They will be just another bygone times and already a part of the history. Of course success, name and fame, and a fat bank account might bring you some smile, but for a short time only. If you are weak/sick no sooner did you make you account fat or bought the most expensive car. What purpose will it serve? Just as Steve Jobs said, "You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you." So you cannot make others cry for you or feel pity for you too. 
Why be so hard on yourself? Why hate her/him in the name of competition? Worst of all why hate yourself? Pursue your dreams. Work hard. Sacrifice some free times. Keep awake some times and work late. Thats completely fine, I know at the end of the day one should face the harsh reality of life and that is to work.  
But, dont forget to love yourself. Dont you forget to make some time out to have fun. Dont even forget make some time to say," Hi," to folks and go around. And most importantly, dont you ever forget to make time and say, "I Love you," genuinely to your love and parents. For you dont know, when it comes to going who will go first.
Just keep smiling and be happy always.

Taken at 4.50pm on 10th November 2015.
At Joomja on the way to Phuntsholing 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Do you like to play football or basketball? To watch movies or to sit in the corner of your room and write something? You like to sing a song or play an instrument? You like tea over coffee or ema-datshi from shamu-datshi? Do you like her or does she look like her father?

This was how I used understand the word, "LIKE" until the floating of social media, and the Facebook has revolutionized its meaning. Not completely, but almost. That does not mean folks are not using the word, "Like" while speaking/writing or distorting the meaning in the process. But, when it comes to Facebook it has got a very different meaning and used almost differently. You dont even have to type, "Like" to say you like this or that, Facebook has adapted a cute "Thumb Up" icon as a symbol for, "Like." Just a click and that's it.

Clicking on it just takes half a second of ones time, but the impact it has is beyond ones imagination. It could mean so many things, although it looks just like an ordinary like.  Ah, yes! folks are so generous at giving "Likes" to just anything and everything, be it a picture, a post, a song or a video etc, you simply click "Like". Sometimes out of wanting them to like yours in return, at times to make your presence on Facebook and most of the time just for the sake of hitting the "Like" button out of boredom to hear the popping sound, "Plop!!!"

However, your liking a "Like" would mean you are supporting that picture, post, song or video etc. It would also mean you are encouraging them or motivating them or wanting them never to stop. It would also mean don't give a "heck" as to whatever the world say to you. I feel, there is no wrong or better put, there wont be any negative impact of your hitting the "Like" button, so long it leads to the benefit of herself/himself or to the community and to the world as a whole, then it is completely fine. But, what you don't realize is, there is a danger in liking them just like that without actually comprehending the message they carry. Often, they carry two messages, the good and the bad or let me say, "message understood correctly or message understood wrongly," of the very same content or the picture, post, song, video or etc. And that makes the whole thing more dangerous.

Simple example, you put up a picture with a smiling face, it  might bag hundreds of likes, and at the first glance you might think, "Oh, the world likes my smiling picture!" Then you will put up another smiling picture, this time it might cross thousands of likes. That encourages you to put another, so on and so forth.  But, in reality who is to know they might be liking your bare skin rather than the smiling face. They might be liking your video not because you sang well, but because your camera focus was accidentally more on the part of your body, where they weren't meant to show. And since your attention was more on getting more "Likes," you post numerous pictures, songs or videos etc. You actually flood the feeds.

Now, this fears me the most, for I feel it might lead to another thing and might get completely out of ones hand. If not for a nudity or child pornography, it might end up encouraging other young and innocent minds to follow like you. They might go on writing what not things or baring all their skins, so long they get thousands of "Likes". These days its become a trend where more "Likes" is more important than the actual content. You wont realize the negative  impact  until you are gone viral and until your are being victimized with un-holistic remarks and comments or calling you with names when folks see you in the street, or they keep pressuring you to give your contact address or contact number. There are hundred and one  evil mind amongst hundred good folks. They might even kidnap you. This is what I would call, "day light rape of innocence for being ignorant!"

Next time before hitting that cute little thumb up "Like" button hold awhile, read the content  thoroughly, observe the picture properly, watch the video thoroughly, then you decide. Because, there are also hundred and one innocent eyes looking up to you  and copying your every single move.

You dont have to be generous with the, "Like" button its FREE!!


By no means, I am trying to say the "Like" button Facebook has created is bad or wrong, its beautiful and very holistic too, for a genuine "Like" really uplifts the emotion and also signifies they are there for them. What I am saying is, "Just to be aware of hitting the Like."

For your information:

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks Facebook record becoming most liked person in the world. The Portuguese might be struggling on the pitch but is taking social media by storm as he overtakes singer Shakira with 107 million likes. 

Picture: A quick design Facebook likes button with bogus numbers of likes.

Monday, December 7, 2015

You the star

If stars were found in ones bedroom, then no body would blow a wish upon the shooting star. However, one can become a star to another with a clean conscience.
Not necessarily have to fulfill her/his dream/wish for her/him, but standing beside her/him through their rough sail itself is a step towards helping her/him realizing her/his dream/wish....
Be a star, fail not to twinkle, be it little in your own ways. You could be the light she/he might be looking for.
Life's just beautiful my dear..

Picture : My laptop wall paper. Take at 9.56pm in my bunker in Thimphu

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sleeping pills - 4

Did it just hit you hard on your face?
Did it just spit hard on your face?
Did you just feel your heart go heavy?
Did you just let your heart go heavy?

Don't you know you have been in cages?
Don't you know it's been ages?
Don't you know it did you no good?
Don't you know how you used to brood?

Will you just let it be as it is?
Will you just let it go at ease?
Will you just learn to forgive?
Will you just learn to live?

A new day awaits you,
Dare to live if only you,
Let the night take away your pain,
Slumber tonight my dear, it's all gain.