Wednesday, November 25, 2015

84,000 methods of Buddha to attain peace

Did you know that the Buddha taught more than 84,000 methods to attain true peace and freedom from suffering?

All these years, I have regarded or at least thought of myself as a Buddhist, but to my gigantic surprise, I never knew about it or better put I never cared about or explored about it. No wonder, my mind and thoughts changes like the wind. Happy for a moment, then gloomy my head is, some times too glad and again in moment down with a heavy grief. If not others I end up hurting myself. Always conflicting thoughts and never a clean clam thinking.

I want to try reading these, although its many years project, a few are already available. If you are not aware of it or just want to have a glance and try out some of this great man's words, then you may check the following link.

It might help you make some peace with yourself and help others make peace with themselves too :) :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

For you and they

I know it might have upset and haunted you like a ghost from a horror movie. Tried to drag you to the point where you were about to surrender to your violent voice inside and make the whole thing a mess. That also, only if you could get up and face it like a woman/man with the situation. And you find it cool, because you have heard people say, "If they slap you, you should punch them hard. Or if you just let them go, it will make you sound like a coward."

But, here is the irony, when you reciprocate to it under the influence of sadness or anger you become no better than a lowly drunken fellow. Who believes in low drunken fellow? Who respects her/him? Who appreciates her/his personality? Yes, she/he might try to follow you, but only to become like you, a disaster.

Did not you see, how fast the season changes its color? How fast people around you change? Even the very memory you treasure leaves you, did not you see?

Since the time sun is up, you blame one another and clock ticks away every second of your time. By the time you realize, you have not said anything good about her/him, the sun sets.

Remember, there are a hundred and one looking up to you to get inspired, to learn and to act like one. They might not tell you, but they are observing you. For their sake and your own, be positive and be happy folks.

Life is everything and anything, but in your hand, I feel.

A clear blue sky opening over Thimphu in the morning.
Taken at 8.30am on 23rd November with Thadra Goenpa as the back drop.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sleeping pills - 3

Oh, what a wonderful day,
Oh, what a wonderful night,
Everything is how you embrace,
But, with positivism.

Life itself is so beautiful,
Life itself is so simple,
Yet, it can disguise as hell,
Beg you might to let alone,

Hold on awhile my dear,
Why cry? Why blame? Why hate?
Time and tide waits for none,
Let's live the little time we have.

So, we live kissing time away,
Such is the way of time,
Such is the living of life,
It's not the time that ends but us.

So, let's learn to smile every moment...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Public Toilet Cleaning campaign

I am going to ask you an honest question, you answer me honestly too. How many of you have used Public Toilets? How many of you have used it with a smile? How many of you have actually gone agrrrrr?

Well, if you were not happy while using Public Toilets or if you have gone agrrr, then I would say, save it for the Public Toilets cleaning program thorough out 20 dzongkhags. Its time to silence yourself up and come forward to clean them in every small possible way you can.

And yes, for folks in Thimphu, we are doing it on Saturday and Sunday (14th Nov and 15th Nov). We have selected 7 public toilets, and then allocated 3 for Saturday and 4 for Sunday. For Saturday's cleaning program, we are gathering at Thimphu memorial Chorten at 9.30am sharp with buckets and hard brooms. We will brief you all there as to how to go about cleaning and all. We will be cleaning from 10am till 1pm....

For Sunday's cleaning program we will inform you all after the Saturday's program as to where and when to gather. 

I request every folks to come forward and help Bhutan Toilet Org​ make public toilets clean for ourselves. For folks in Thimphu wishing to come forward kindly contact me or  Nawang P Phuntsho​ asap.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thanking you la.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A tribute to my beloved fourth King

My heart dances to the tune of fond memories, as I lay down with my laptop intending to write a tribute to my god like fourth king on his 60th birth anniversary. Seldom sipping on a cup of sweet tea and letting thoughts infuse into words, it’s a wonder how the present walk me back to good old times.

Have not really sat and looked back for all these times, but realizing this very fact took me by a huge surprise. Engrossed so much into moving ahead and trying to catch up with the crowd, has actually blinded me to the point, where I have already forgotten how November 11th used to be one of my favorite days in those, long and not so long bygone years.

The set of November month would set the whole nation into a celebration mood. Every school and institution, near or far flung into the woods would ready for it  and even from a distance, one could hear the beat of the drums and clashing of the cymbals in sync to the crowd’s roar, “Left, right, left.” Oh, yes, “Left, right, left,” since I was a little boy I would always love to see the military parade, the military band and the long marching queue, marching past the podium where our fourth king would stand watching the queue.

I remember vividly, how I used to nag my parents to go as early as possible, so we can get some seats in the front row of the old Changlimithang Stadium, and then if lucky get a or two chances to see my king face to face when he visit the crowd. Because, we hardly get any chance to see him in person, if not for November 11th. One cannot afford to miss the day and at the same time who would want to miss it any ways? For, there was no TV to broadcast live and also to rebroadcast, as they do today. In a way it was like, watch live and live in the present.

For my late mother it was like Thimphu Tshechu and Thruebap hangover for the past one and a half month, except she would reap smile often this time, for she knows her siblings would die to see their king. And she would take the day very seriously, so her ritual of getting up early, cooking and chores begins before the dawn. Packing lunch in a huge bangchung enough for six, after getting herself dressed in a beautiful kira then she would wake us up. Waking up was so easy, although in those days November would be as cold as January with ice and frost all over. If there was a dripping from pipelines, then it was sure you will have beautiful icicles the next morning. I still remember how I with my brothers and sister used to make ice creams. We just had to fill 1/3 of a cup with water, add some sugar, dip in a small spoon and then place them on the roof top in the night. By next morning we would have our ice creams ready. 

After everything was set and done, waiting for taxi from Olakha to Changlimathang Stadium was quite a ritual and fun to recall at the same time. If we miss a taxi then we would have to wait at least 30-40 minutes before another taxi shows up. If not we should either walk to Lungtenphu or go down to Simtokha mani dungkhor to get a taxi. And in those days taxis were all maruti vans and a few mahindara jeeps. However, on that day we were lucky, my mother knew a taxi driver who lived somewhere in Simtokha and she had it booked a day before. He used to own an old but one and only green ambassador taxi in Thimphu, may be in the whole country. Such a proud taxi owner he was and we would love to commute in his taxi too.

Sitting in the front row in the sea of people was so much fun, with lub dup growing stronger every now and then, when I hear people sitting adjacent to me saying, “Oh, King is coming.” I would stand so promptly and stretch my tiny neck to confirm if it was really my king coming. But no, “Such a liar,” I would get angry however, my homemade ice creams would take me into another world and forget the man next to me. 

The fourth king in Changlimithang Stadium.
Picture courtesy Facebook

Finally, my mother whispers into my ears, “There comes our king.” “Wow!” I would go wow, and I still remember the happiness it would give me, when I see him walk past the gate and onto the podium. I would admire everything about him, his speech, his personality, his love for the nation and the people and his concern for the future of our nation. My father would tell us, “Our King is saying, you all are the future of the nation, so you should try and study hard.” I wasn’t in school as yet, still I would be inspired by his speech and so much driven to study hard. Such was the power of his speech and my king really meant it. With the onset of the day’s program I remember, how I would shout at the top of my voice and throw my hands so proudly into the air, “Gaylo, Gaylo, Gaylo” with all the spectators. I found that moment really touching.  Even today I feel a little emotional when I hear, “Gaylo, Gaylo, Gaylo.” I don’t know why, may be because it takes me back to that little boy me, shouting in the stadium longing to see my king.

Like the sun that must set, for us the celebration would be over with opening of our huge bangchung for lunch, sitting under the willow trees. People would sit in circles nearby with their own packaged lunch. The now archery range was once our lunch ground. It would be like lunching on Thimphu Tshechu for the second time.

So many years have passed since then, and so many things have changed. Yet, one thing for sure has remained the same, “The way my king used to inspire me.” And I must tell you my king, since the time I was a little boy I have tried my best to work hard, so I can be someone in my life serving the nation. Sadly, I have failed so many times and been through a lot in my life, no matter how much I have tired. Today, I am neither a doctor, nor an engineer, not even a civil servant. But my king, I am happy working in a very small private company. I am happier for I could afford three meals a day and if I am left with a little bit more than I need, then I share with the needy ones. Thank you for giving me free education, because I have learnt all these in schools. I and my family are less sick today, thank you for free medical services. As I was typing this, I ran into late night and still continued as if in the sunlight, thank you for everything my king.

Words fall short to say thank you, so in my small way to say it in action, I am doing books collection drive for the students in the far flung villages and also for all the enthusiast readers across the country. For, I personally believe reading books opens one’s mind and it impacts the way one perceives things in and around her or him, which is more important than anything else. Accordingly she or he acts. It is my sincere prayer that after reading books, folks will develop their mind set in a way that whatever she or he does will benefit the society, nation and eventually the whole world.

My King, on this special day, as the nation celebrates your birthday, I want to wish you a very happy 60th birthday to you. May you live a hundred years and may happiness continue to prevail in our country and throughout the world.

A warm Tashi Delek to you, my beloved fourth king. 

A black and white photograph of fourth king when he was a young boy.
Pic courtesy Facebook and Google

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Scribble on the golden petals

Can you believe this???? Nu. 400 plus core and almost a decade plus project the Buddha Dordenma or as you and I call it, "Buddha Point" has already got scribbles on its golden petals... Can you believe this?? When will we learn to be responsible? When will we learn to appreciate the beauty? When will we learn to say, "Yes, we should take care of it, its ours."
Such a time has come now, where people have started to take their dirty bathroom scribbling practice to the golden petals.
And for the record, we can never in our wildest dream also construct alike this of our own. Its been funded by generous donors and for god sake, its even not completed. Just imagine, what it might become of by the time its complete. Its very very disheartening. frown emoticon frown emoticon
Folks, lets not shame ourselves and lets put some sense of responsibility in our head. We ourselves should be the social worker at the same time we ourselves also should be the social police, for none of us like to be told to do or not to do this or that.
I am proposing, from next time when we go to Buddha Point and climb up, lets not touch them. I mean it, lets not touch even those beautiful animals for the sake of taking pictures, we are actually scrapping off its paint and might break them also. Folks from other Dzongkhags long to come and visit this beautiful place. Lets save it for them and for folks from around the world too.
This much you and I can do it.

Some thug scribbled his name on the golden petal. Such a cheap act.
Pic courtesy: Breaking News of Bhutan on Social Media

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sleeping Pills – 2

A sudden voice in your dream woke you up from your sleep and now you cannot fall back to sleep. You have your wrist watch by the pillow, but you reach out for the cell phone, puts the screen light on and it read 3 am.
“Oh, what was that sound?” You try to remember but cannot and your sleep won’t come around either. You try changing your position, roll here and there for some time and still you cannot sleep. Suddenly, your head starts to spin and the whole bedroom swirls. Now you are starting to get mad at yourself, “Wish I had sleeping pills and I will swallow 100s of them at a go, if it bring my sleep back again.” You grumble at yourself. You are wide awake now!
It is irritatingly-funnily- interesting to observe, how you and I alike relate sleep and dreams sometimes. Waking up by a nightmare sometimes keeps us awake almost throughout the night, until we finally come into terms with ourselves as in, “It’s just a dream come on, take it easy and get back to sleep now.” Until then we are afraid to wink our eyes even for a second, at times. But, on the contrary if we are dreaming of a beautiful dream and suddenly run out of sleeping hours. Or if somebody jerks us awake in the middle of a sweet dream, then how desperately we wish if the alarm was never set in the first place, or if we were never disturbed, so we can sleep forever just to keep the beautiful dream dreaming forever in our dream.
More irritatingly-funnily- interesting is, be it a good or a bad dream, so long it keeps our brain working sub-consciously or not so sub-consciously it is actually robbing our sleep, and it is a clear sign that we are not having a sound sleep. If we really want to make our real dream come true, then we should wake up and work hard. And for that we need to sleep early to get up early even if our dream in the sleep or dream in life is sweet or sour.
You don’t have to try remembering the sound in your sleep it’s a waste of time. Rather try getting some sleep ….

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sleeping pills - 1

Robert Frost once said, he got miles to go before he slept.

Well, I got miles to go too. But before I begin my race, I wana get a sound sleep under the starry night, calm my heart, ease my thoughts and surrender myself to slumber.

So, the very next day, I can walk every mile with a smile, make some new friends and share stories those are worth while all the mile.

If you are stuck with a hundred miles ahead and couldn't take a single step further, then my dear, why push too hard?

My oh, my, life is not a destination, but a journey, why hustle? Hold awhile, see beautiful stars a plenty, playing hide and seek with you. Beautiful clouds soaking your fatigue, chilly wind caressing your dreamy eyes, your sweet home calling you to take some rest.

My oh, my; you, yes you did your best today, now slumber for tonight.

From me it's a good night, my dear.