Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Times Square of Bhutan

Do you long to go to the USA around this time of the year? Do you have that desire to go to the Times Square, the most famous and busiest street in the world? Even great celebrities like Presley to M.J to the then teenage heart throb Justin Beiber call it a dream come true, when they get a chance to perform there, and so Beiber sings, “Never, say never,” when he could finally perform. Do you long to go there, take a bunch of selfies, post them on the social media and make your friends envy?

If you do and if you were denied visa or if you cannot afford, then don’t hang your head low and brood, because, you are just ignorant of what happens and what’s happening currently in my place. Just as, “if there is a will there is way,” if you can only spare USD 250 a day (Indians exempted of this tariff ), then this is the right time you come to Thimphu, Bhutan, by all means.

Let me tell you what’s happening here currently: the most awaited annual festival called, Tsechu has just started and it will go on until 25th of September. The tshechu is associated with celebrating Guru Rimpoche, who is also regarded as the second Buddha. Its celebrated throughout the country on different dates in different months. Numerous dances both masked and unmasked, performed by monks and laymen will be danced in different but beautiful tunes. It is a blessing to witness these dances.  As you come out, this is the time where you will see our beautiful Bhutanese families in bountiful traditional attire; you might come across them having self packaged lunch in circles. It is all smiles.

If you want to check out some goods and food, then the whole Norzin Lam a.k.a The Times Square of Bhutan is thronged with various stalls serving different purposes to meet your demand. Believe me, you will be served at handsome flats.  Food is just delicious. But, be warned, not to be consumed in the size of meals.

Then clock tower, our multi-purpose open theater is always occupied with competitions, contemporary dances, talents and numerous light hearted performances. Farther down the other lane, stalls are filled with games that might trigger your luck, you may give a try. Its 80% win and win :).  In the night we have clubs to shake off your days fatigue and pubs that can sooth  your mood to save fond memories of Thimphu.   

It doesn’t end there, you can advance farther into nooks of our country, which you will definitely regret supposing you don’t do. After everything is said and done you will learn the whole experience was just the beginning.

Now you tell me, do you still dream of going to the USA around this time of the year? Come and see for yourself our Times Square. The choice is yours!!

The bustling Norzin Lam a.k.a The Times Square of Bhutan

Clock Tower, the multi purpose open theater

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