Saturday, July 18, 2015

Early Morning Note 15

My elder brother bought a new TV and replaced the old fat static borne television. He was completely okay, no big deal. But, it was his 4 years old son my nephew, who seems to be extra ordinarily excited. I did not ask him anything. I just sat looking into the distance brooding, for I had a little rough fore-day.

He came over to me smiling, with radiance of happiness surrounding him like a first light of the candle. I was very intrigued by his gesture and could not wait any longer to hear him say. He was like, "I will not tell you."  I pushed him, he wont still. I begged, then he was ready to tell me.

I watched him cracking his lips so gently as though he feared he would hurt his smile and that might put me off. I was all ears. He opened his lips and still had those genuine smile on them. He said, "My apa told me he will give me that old fat TV when I reach class one."  That broke me into a huge laughter. I laughed so loud that he joined me too. We laughed like fools laughing over silly things. I could feel warm trickles in my eyes.

Such is the power of young minds with a clean conscience and genuine warmth in the heart. Let alone the authentic smile they wear on their lips. In an instant he cleared my clogged mind like a wind puffing away low hanging dark clouds in the valley. Lifted my heart so high, even though just for a moment, I was dancing amidst zephyr leaving behind all those heart aches, the lost battles, misunderstandings, quarrels, hatred, gossips, back bites, jealousy, ego and bullshits. The bliss wet my eyes as I awoke my daze.

No wonder babies, children, youth, boys, girls, men, women, fathers, mothers, friends, relatives, human and everything in the world is one of the most wonderful gifts of the mother nature. As long as possible one should learn to love, care and respect one another. If not the least is not to hate any soul.

Please teach and nurture the youngs in the right way. Scolding and thrashing are necessary sometimes. Without hammering we will not get the finest rings but, watch your motivations forehand thoroughly before exercising.

His smile started dim and low but it glowed to snuff out my entire fatigue of illusions.

Life's just beautiful.. But if you do not share you will hardly feel the happiness. ..

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