Friday, June 26, 2015

Early Morning Note 12

So happy you are today.Yet a bit nervous. You can feel the redness on your cheeks, as they blushed. This is the moment you have been longing for, from day one. You have set your mind to be at ease, be very calm and do everything naturally. Rehearsed some gestures. Clasped your palms together, rubbed for sometime and gave rather a quick blow as though to ease the friction between them. A final deep breath. Now you are ready.

Clock ticks and toks. You heart lubs and dubs. Phew! There he/she comes. The whole world stops. Clock ticks no more. Just the lubs and dubs pounding on your chest. Oh! gosh, how you wished to have postponed the meeting. "Stand your ground soldier!" your inner voice motivates. "Aye, aye caption," gathers yourself up!

Face to face you stand now. Your hard earned better half right in front. Dead hesitant, but your rehearsals saves you. Grabs his/her hand.  Then arm in arm. Shoulder to shoulder. Frequent eye to eye. You two stroll in the heart of the meadow, leaving a long trail of snake behind and cutting the meadow in two. Longer than the path trod were the sweet nothings.
Wow! such a moment. What a partner. Everything is perfect. You pray this to last forever!

Clock might have stopped, but time never stood still. The world might have appeared same but it never stopped growing. Its hard to digest. While confronting the change is hardest, despite knowing the fact its inevitable, though. Expect for change, nothing lasts forever!

You are brooding. Your heart so broken. You feel cheated. The very love you loved and cared the most chose to walk a separate route. All the promises you two made, into a thin air, all vanished now.  You ask family, friends,  sun, moon, stars, mountains, trees, stones, water, wind and whatever comes on your mind, why?

Well, sadly there is no concrete answer to this. But, that doesnt mean there is no way out. There is always a way and a reason for all these. Not necessarily a direct benefit on the personal level but definitely for some good lessons on an abstract level, if only you are positive to learn. A simple lesson for instance, could be to open ones eyes.

One common yet, a very heavy mistake we social animals make is, when we are in love, we believe/act as though we own them. He/she is mine. He/she belongs to me. He/she is best with me. But, what we dont realize is, the moment we start to do this, we are already tying strings on their feet. We are already labeling our love alike a piece of commodities in the market. From the very start you and I alike build our love on a shaky-selfish foundation and expect the best as time rolls on.

Love should be free, open and awake. When we love somebody, we dont just love them we love the universe in their head too. Then only it will calm the hearts!!!!!

Life is just beautiful keep loving and be loved...

Pic my personal trick photography 
entitled Universe in my Cup,
taken in Thimphu,


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dont you cry heaven!

I pray.
Yes, I pray.
Dont you cry heaven.
Dont you dare cry.
Not at this time around.
We got fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, infants, pets and world.
Trapped beneath your rubles and debris.
After devastating rage of mother earth.
Now, dont you cry my dear fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, infants, pets.
Be strong, you are not alone my good neighbour NEPAL.
World is here for you.
Souls lost be free and rest in peace.
Strength for earliest recovery is what I pray.
Be positive and stand united NEPAL.
O pray.
Yes, world pray for not to rain.
Around this time of year.
We got souls trapped beneath.
Awaits rescue with all might.
Be strong and hold on a little while world will get you alive.
O, I pray.
Dont you cry heaven!!!

P.S Written as a tribute to all the people of 
Nepal after the April's massive Earthquake. 

Monday, June 22, 2015


I hate Mondays.
Yes, I swear, I hate Mondays.
Well, I usually hate Mondays.
I used to hate Mondays.
Yes, I used to hate Mondays.
Now, I like Mondays.
No, I love Mondays.
Be it Sunny or rainy, I look forward to Mondays.
Today is Monday.
Its already 25 minutes past 10 of Monday.
The sun is high, puff of clouds floating gently.
Wind singing in tune with Spring.
What you will decide today will,
Impact the whole week.
I love, Mondays.
For no reason, though.
May be, I just wanted to be positive,
And may be, I wanted to wish you all folks,
A Happy Monday!!!

Universe in my cup.
Pic taken in Thimphu on 23rd January 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Early Morning Note 11

Serenity up in the sky. Puff of snow white clouds calligraphically-wafted against the enormous blue canvas. Centuries old; yet young mountains in complete silence stands in the distance. Thin quenching elixir meandering, blesses everything it encounters on its course. Golden rays of the king illuminating the tiny world keeps an eye from dawn to dusk until the queen-moon takes charge at night.

On the ripe time, be it mid-day or mid-night, spring or fall, boy or girl, you bless your parents and they bless you with a kiss on your forehead, “We just need you to fulfill your prayers and wishes. Be a good human being. May you always find peace.”

Walked on four legs a few months before, now you have already explored your backyard. You can write tables from one to twelve. Writing a letter is easy and excels in building a clay model. Running with a ball in the court or ground is a piece of cake. Note for note, you easily impress your music teacher. You know what you want to be in your life. You portrayed a focused man/woman on the mission attitude. Everyone is proud of you. Parents are really happy.

Now, you are as tall as your parents. Thinking is very different so is your action. You have heard we live just once and got to enjoy every moment, now you want to try out everything. Suddenly you got the urge to bunk classes. For the first time in your life you sipped on C2H6O, you don’t mind the head ache and hung over. Somebody gave you a sheet; they didn’t tell you the adverse affect but spoke so much of wild trips. Didn’t really want to take but out of curiosity and for the sake of trying, swallowed one. You didn’t realize, it’s been months you have missed classes. Parents have been summoned to principal’s office several times and you don’t give a shit. Because you are living your life!

Months have turned to years. Student became a drop out. School/college wanted you but, you decided to quit. Comrades have gone steps ahead and you went steps back ward. Didn’t see the lines on your parents face getting longer and your life getting shorter, parents hair growing whiter and your skin growing darker as clock sped minute after minute. Didn’t see parents crying for you have become alike you are going to die way younger. Parents don’t want to quit on you, but you don’t want to quit drugs. And you still think you are enjoying your life!

Its very sad, not always, but how we are getting carried away by: we live while we are young and we live just once. If we only take this positively, it meant nothing less than to do whatever we are doing whole heartedly and give in the best shot. When we have the energy to experiment and time to make errors. There is no wrong in trying and failing. It is wrong when we don’t learn from our mistakes and failures. Its wrong when we don’t listen to our parents, teachers, elders, families and friends. For these people rather than wanting you to grow, they would never rip your wings. Greatest failure of all is when you don’t listen to yourself, when you don’t believe in yourself and when you don’t rise form ditch you fell into and continue to walk again.
If you do, then nothing is a waste, they are all lessons.

The society has lost enough young people, both known and unknown. We cant afford anymore and this the time we support, motivate and inspire one another. We are living in a small world, this is not impossible, we are all brothers and sisters we can do this. We really need to make this small place a happy place to live in for you, for me and for folks yet to come.

Life is just beautiful……Learn from your mistakes and walk again!!

Pic taken in Thimphu in my work station,
at 1.30 pm on Friday the 19th June 2015