Thursday, May 21, 2015

Early Morning Note 7

Move on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on. But, where are we actually going? Where are we going after we reach the move on, move ahead, keep going and life must go on? What next? Start the brand new move on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on?
It kind of makes me lost in my own thoughts sometimes, just trying to get some answers. Yes, where are we going past those? Where am I really going then? It gets more beautiful when I cant understand as to why we or
you or I should really go or not go. You wish for a star, dream of a perfect love, a beautiful family, cool friends, safe distance from enemies and fat wallet. Starts your marathon right on, beholds a twinkling star but you forgo, meets a good friend, you boycott; comes across a true love but you forsake cos you are hurt. Thats not what you have dreamt of. You are moving on, keeping on. How you desperately wish to fast forward everything.
Marathon gets harder, lonely and cold. The smile curves reflects distinctly in the mirror. Your last hole in the belt wont hold your cloths, you havnt had breakfast for days and missed the day before yesterday's dinner. Breaths slightly faster, yet you can feel the lack of oxygen. You dont remember the last time you went to offer prayers, dont remember taking your love for a walk, havent gone out with friends, didnt call parents to say, "I love you." Its been ages.
For the first time you saw leaves spouting on winter withered branches. Suddenly, you want to stop everything right away and turn back the time. How desperately you wish to re-wind time. You dont want to move on, you dont want to keep going, you dont want the marathon. You just wish to be in the present, the now. And just live.
Sigh, if only we were trees to spout again from the winter withered branches, I wont sit back to think and lost in my own thoughts, as to why we or you or I are so caught up in this never ending moving on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on and all.
Are we not already becoming "the lost" in this life must go on?

Life is just beautiful. Keep smiling. 

Pic taken at Basanagar Beach, South India, 5.30am

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