Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Early Morning Note 10

Stole a quick glance. Squinted your eyes. Swung your head to and fro. Tried scraping off the pin-dot dirt. Still not vivid. Gave a final rub, gradually the calendar hung right above your head granted you permission to recall its date. You cant believe your eyes, its already half day of half week of half month of half year of your life. You are late!!

Jumps out of the bed, put your dress on. Runs to the kitchen to heat your left over food and tea for you remember parents telling you never to leave home on an empty stomach. Faces yourself face to face in the bathroom mirror as you squeeze the last blob from your empty tooth paste tube. Eyes all red, got bags below them. You dont remember your last shot and who dropped you home.  Oh, gosh, curry cooker is already burning your broth.

"You are too late buddy." You hear your conscience ringing loud and clear. "This alarm failed this time too!!!" You grumble. "Oh, no, you forgot to replace the exhausted battery!" It stares as you spoke to yourself. Alike hawk scooping its prey you pick up a cap-less pen, dumps into your pocket and runs out of your room. You have an interview.

Just to make you sure and to put your mind at ease, you walk to the door, sees a huge lock. Peep through the window, cupping your hands to get a clear vision inside. The sun out is so harsh, window reflects everything. The truth is hard to digest. Sees no peeps, they are long gone. Head hung low, hand in your pocket playing with your cap-less pen, "My time will come, I will just need to wait," you console yourself. Calls your parents, love, friends and gives them a lame explanation. Then hits the local bar.

Quite interesting, sad yet true, when you and I dont try to look at the truth of "waiting and time will come." We are suppose to take this as a tool to motivate ourselves, when we fail in spite of the hard work, effort, sacrifice, time and all we put in. Not the other way round. Most of us take this as an excuse not to improve, not to develop, not to hone ones skills and above all not to take any responsibilities. We carry on with our very own nonsense and blame the wind for tapping on our parents window to get up and keep an eye on us.

Not always the scolding of our parents, elders, love, friends and all well wishers are meant to break you down. Nor to drop you passion. Not to blur your goal, not even to rip your sail. They never and would never ever thought of  depriving you of your dreams, goals and ambitions. They simply wants to make sure if you are really serious about what you have dreamt of or wanted to become of as you grow up. And then teach you how to adjust your mast in accordance to the wind.

The least you can do before you hit the local bar and throw out pot-full curse to your parents, elders, love, friends and well wishers is to sit and talk with them. Talk of all the ups and downs, lights and dark, fears and frustrations, love and hate, good and bad. Just everything you want to talk about. There is nothing that cant be done without talking.

Because, by the time your wait is over and your time finally comes, it would be just you talking to your parents hung on the wall. Calling to user doesnt exist number of your love and seeing old comrades in grey hair with grand children, you once again hits the local bar and sinks yourself more into the past.

Life's just beautiful.... Listen and talk with your parents, elders, love, friends and well wishers about anything and everything.

"For an industrious man everyday is a lucky day. " ~~ Buddha
"Time and tide wait for no man." ~~ Geoffrey Chaucer

Pic, my old watch reminding me how fast time speeds.
Taken at the same time and day as my watch reads, in Thimhpu. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Early Morning Note 9

You are so upset. Depressed. Brooding. You hate yourself. So worthless you find yourself. Gosh, you have failed this time too. You have promised your parents, love, friends and all the well wishers  that you will do your best and never going to let them down. What a huge promise. Such a pressure.

With a fresh heart beat, renewed perseverance and prayers on your lips, you tie up your laces tight and  begin your trade diligently and vigilantly. With all your heart  you strive. Day in day out. Rain or sun you never stop. Until your skin blisters, knees weakens, teeth clatters you put your best effort to keep your promise.. World sees how hard working you are and how far you push yourself to the limit. You hear them whisper, "You should work hard like him/her." They have already started to compare. Only sky and earth knows what you really are going through.

Its the very brand new day. Sun has just claimed the cloudless sky and shone down hard. There is heat every where. Your heart paces 100 beats per minute. Its time to face the out put, your result day. To your greatest dis-amazement you are taken aback to see your name marked in red. You have not made it this time either. You parents, love, friends, and all the well wishers loses faith in you, You heard them say, "Such a loser, dont look up to him/her."

Sigh!!!! The sun suddenly sets for you and its cold everywhere. The very face who have encouraged snarls at you with huge fangs signalling not to come near them. Even the road you have once trod with songs are bitten with cold. Such a loser you scream at yourself and then shouts to the sky. Walks to the edge, the height doesnt bother you anymore. Nothing comes on your mind other than loser. You are ready to throw yourself off the cliff.

What you and I alike dont realize is, one should never give up. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing in oneself, through the ups and downs, springs and winters, praises and boos, winnings and losings. The darker the night is brighter the moon is, so are the stars. If we really open our eyes all these encouragements, praises, jeering, boos, back bites and jealousy they are nothing more than a mental projection. If we ourselves dont open up they aren't going to work a heck on us.

There is no greatest failure than losing oneself. Win but lose yourself and at the end of the day as you walk into your room, the first thing you will be looking for is a huge window from where you can jump with your trophy. What purpose did it serve to have won?

Dont ever lose your hope. Not your dreams. So long you believe in yourself and walk a step at a time, one day or the other what you wished for or dreamt of its going to be yours. Even if it didn't you will be at ease breathing in as usual for you know you did your best. Thats all it matters!!!

Life's is just beautiful...... Keep believing in yourself and walk a step a time...

P.S I dedicate this to all those who have given up their lives or attempting one or even thinking of quitting for the sake of winning, please hold back a minute and ponder. You are not a loser, he/she who calls you a loser are the real losers. And I dedicate this to my younger brother too. My eyes were kind of wet as I wrote this. Love and Peace...

Pic taken at Basanagar Beach, South India at 5.30am

Early Morning Note 8

One of the most beautiful gifts of life is to be in love and be loved. Form mother to child, husband to wife, boy to girl, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pet to master, student to teacher, boy to boy, girl to girl, lama to loma, should there be no love and they are a mere noun.

Its one thing that molds the steel heart, opens the rusted-selfish mind, frees the iron-gripped-miser hands, grants you wings to flutter like a butterfly and paint rainbows with your eyes wherever you sight rain. Such a magic, a trance, an unceasing vivacity, what a spell. You have heard this wind whispering to you many a time from dawn to dusk. Aroused enough temptations to go out and experience one.

You traverse miles, writes poetry in lengths, counts numbers by sun and moon waiting, looking for the one and only true love. You dont mind the lonely hours of the chilly-lone-moonless nights. Sun engulfing by the giant eclipse doesnt waver your dream to meet one and fights through the tempest to shore.

A big sigh, when he/she acknowledges your painstaking journey to love. Heart to heart. Head over heels, lips over hugs, hands over hand sealed with fingers, eyelids over eyes. You dont want to see any thing now. You are completely lost in the trance. Such a bliss that you dont want to end.

But, only nothing lasts forever, slightest mistake with or without purpose tears the world apart. Dreams broken alike sugar glass. The very rainbow you painted makes you dizzy, it makes you colour blind. You spit the wind.
Then you realize, how can you love some one so much without loving yourself a bit?

You console yourself: before you set out, learn to love yourself first then love your love 100%. You arent broken to pieces when your so called true love shrugs  off your love to the ground. And you would also never dare to hurt your love for you know it hurts yourself more to hurt others. Its not they who loses its you who loses yourself.

Life's just beautiful......Keep loving!!!!

"If you have loved yourself truly, you would never hurt a soul." ~~ Buddha

The above word means PEACE

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Early Morning Note 7

Move on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on. But, where are we actually going? Where are we going after we reach the move on, move ahead, keep going and life must go on? What next? Start the brand new move on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on?
It kind of makes me lost in my own thoughts sometimes, just trying to get some answers. Yes, where are we going past those? Where am I really going then? It gets more beautiful when I cant understand as to why we or
you or I should really go or not go. You wish for a star, dream of a perfect love, a beautiful family, cool friends, safe distance from enemies and fat wallet. Starts your marathon right on, beholds a twinkling star but you forgo, meets a good friend, you boycott; comes across a true love but you forsake cos you are hurt. Thats not what you have dreamt of. You are moving on, keeping on. How you desperately wish to fast forward everything.
Marathon gets harder, lonely and cold. The smile curves reflects distinctly in the mirror. Your last hole in the belt wont hold your cloths, you havnt had breakfast for days and missed the day before yesterday's dinner. Breaths slightly faster, yet you can feel the lack of oxygen. You dont remember the last time you went to offer prayers, dont remember taking your love for a walk, havent gone out with friends, didnt call parents to say, "I love you." Its been ages.
For the first time you saw leaves spouting on winter withered branches. Suddenly, you want to stop everything right away and turn back the time. How desperately you wish to re-wind time. You dont want to move on, you dont want to keep going, you dont want the marathon. You just wish to be in the present, the now. And just live.
Sigh, if only we were trees to spout again from the winter withered branches, I wont sit back to think and lost in my own thoughts, as to why we or you or I are so caught up in this never ending moving on, move ahead, keep going, life must go on and all.
Are we not already becoming "the lost" in this life must go on?

Life is just beautiful. Keep smiling. 

Pic taken at Basanagar Beach, South India, 5.30am

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Early Morning Note 6

What a wonderful life. Breath in breath out, sigh!!
Early day on, you set your mind to be positive and hopeful all day long. Trying your best to keep yourself happy and warm with folks. Things aint easy as it seems, wont go the way you wished, no love as expected and down the line you are at the verge of breaking into pieces. You blame the sky, wind, rain, river, mountain, bump, love, family, friend and enemy. And I do that often, what a jack ass.

But, if one really want to grow, you will learn those are necessary so as to understand the weight of ones positivism, hopefulness and clarity of your dream. For growing also mean spreading ones root deep into the earth before you set sky-bound. Be ready to learn the lessons time will throw you at. Lessons are easy for the wise to understand, but you and I alike, unless  at the verge of breaking into pieces we will not learn.

In a way there is no wrong falling in or outa love, going on or off the track so long you and I are ready to learn the lesson, down the line.

Then its just a wonderful life!!!!

Pic taken at 12 noon enroute to
Botanical Garden, 
Babesa, Thimphu

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Early Morning Note 5

Morning-less days, weeks and months folks of today, aren't we? Siblings of our parents-parents-parents and parents-parents rose with songs of nature and prayers in the air and welcomed the sun with saanng (traditional way of burning of natural scented leaves mounted on a mini-stupa alike). By the time sun glittered its first light of the day they would have chanted enough prayers and invoked compassion. Ready to forgive/seek forgiveness, to love and be loved, to respect and be respected, to accept and be accepted the way it is, and embrace the truth of the day be it cloudy, rainy or sunny. Motivated not to harm from simplest insect to intelligent animals like humans not even with thoughts or words let alone physical. They knew less, worried less so were they pressure less. Lived a life longer than rivers, heard the whole song of birds, animals, mountains and humans.
Today, siblings of our parents, on the race already form day one. Who is chasing whom for what only you and I will know. Learnt a hell lot, scared to death we might know more than we were forced to learn back in school or college. So busy that we find first 12 hours of the day insufficient and keep the whole night outing-night. By the time we open our eyes sun be inclined to west already. We hustle and bustle and spoil the day. Then cant sleep at night with work half undone, remorseful-heart pounds, clock steals our time and the sun sets just too fast.
In a way we dont at all have morning. No dawn. No sun rise. No cool spring breeze. No song of the bird. No echo of the mountain. No breath. No life. What a morning-less day!!!
Happy day folks!!!

Chorten near the Welcome to Thimhpu City gate. Taken at 6.30am

Monday, May 18, 2015

Early Morning Note 4

Cataclysm, upheaval, cacophony and anarchy rule the news in the world today. We are so abnormal that we find news on love, friendship, peace and happiness so normal that we over look and surpass them. I still remember back in school days reading newspapers. For the sake of keeping world news abreast. Goodness, they were all dominated by terrorism and suicide bombs and abduction and beheading that I would see George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in my dreams and terror my sleep.
Then came in assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the Mumbai attack and the lone survivor Kasab who was later hung to death. The North Korea became the headlines with the WMD threat. Oh gosh, tension between Russia and the US, the Delhi gang rape, the death sentence to Dzhokar and shoot out in Texas yesterday... Sigh!!!
What is happening? Cant we give love a chance and peace a moment to flourish leaving aside all our ideals, desires, obligations, differences, selfish-act and stupidity??
Mother earth has survived for millions of years without humans, it not the earth who needs us, its us who needs the mother earth. Lets show some love to her and every fellow humans.
At the end of the day we really dont know who is right or wrong and on the personal level its just you and I who can really bring love and peace in the world. PEACE!!

Pic courtesy google. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Early Morning note 3

Barren street, chilly breeze, subtle hum of prayer filing the silent morning, such a fine sight to behold a bliss befelt. Subsiding cyclones in your head alike ripples gently kissing the shore into thin bubbles, eventually opening midst air resounding everything lasts forever except the change.
Contemplate, ponder, dont live fast to end young nor live slow to die old. Live a moment to moment, a breathe to breathe, a thought to thought, a dream to dream, a love to love, a hope to hope, a friend to friend, a parent to parent, a song to song, a day to day, a life to life. We just live on, not this way though, but the other way. Differentiate not rich or poor, beautiful or ugly its just a mere reflection of oneself.
Life's just beautiful. Good day folks!!!

Pic taken past Babesa zero with Welcome to Thimphu gate
and chorten as the back drop at 6am. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Early Morning note 2

Open your eyes gently it might hurt your sight. But, not too slowly or you will miss the show. Amazed you will be to learn whatever happens to one surely happens for a good reason but more than that it happens in pairs. Start and end, yes and no, high and low, rich and poor, good and bad, strong and weak, win and lose, boy and girl, front and back, love and hate, white and black, hurt and forgiveness, life and death, day and night. You name one.

You may cry when you are hurt or love betrays you or lose the battle or sun dont shine. It simply tells you are a human and you feel pain. Don't you lose yourself and brood over the past. For you are a human and you got the gift to heal yourself and grow strong every time you fail and love more genuinely. Hundred and one have gone through and learnt this. You and I go through the same and learn this too, just that at different occasions. It is an art, life has painted. To see them, to feel them, to learn them requires the pairs!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Early Morning Note 1

I got this urge to write waking up early in the morning before the king rose from heaven and watch him bestow his warmth through entire world, gradually and precisely. Bothered less about yesternight's darkness and the rain. Neither cared much about he should rise to illuminate. Nor any obligations. He doesn't take burden he transcend them. Sun just did what he should do at the present moment. And for now it is his time to rise and wake up the world to a brand new page and shine.

Inspiration and motivation surrounds us think with heart at times. 

Be positive folks. Good morning.

A mountain range opposite to Jungshina being conquered by Sun.
Pic taken at 5.30am