Friday, February 3, 2017

Refresher Course

The tall, the huge and the tiniest. .lol.� � .. With my eldest brother a lama and my good Americano friend Tim Huang :D :D .

It's always nice to spend some time with your elders and re-orientate ones unguided or mis-guided thoughts and action. For, over the time one tend to either get over carried away or over whelmed with the tantrums and humdrums of this long journey... Re-fresher course or re-orientation is always better, so long one wishes to grow in life!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Foreign Languages: I speak 5 different languages

 If you have some problems with people speaking in English, then you might as well have problems with toddlers speaking in Hindi even before they can say: ཀ་ ཁ་ ག་ ང་།

Actually, if you really look at it is a blessing in disguise, besides being an extra knowledge to be able to understand or speak in some foreign languages. It aids you in understanding others better not only of their personality, but also her/his culture, tradition and history. It not only offers you with various options into learning new things with greater resources at your disposal, you can at any time dive into the ocean of their literature and art, and quench your thirst of seeking knowledge. You can explore everything as easy as eating a cake. If you can speak/understand/read/write in their language, then you can relate to her/him, and their community and country so effortlessly. Understanding culture and tradition of the place helps you in treating them better, so they will treat you best. Respect and value to one another comes just like that. Of all, with greater resources of knowledge at your disposal it aids you in opening your inner and outer eyes. Your conscience becomes clear.

Learning or knowing other or foreign languages always comes in handy especially when you go around place to place. You can not only convey the message directly into their heart, you actually can feel and share the very thoughts and ideas they possess, easily. Which otherwise 20% of the whole conversation is lost in the translation and meaning distorted.

Besides, there is no harm in speaking either in English or Hindi or French or whatever, whenever and wherever as and when one wishes to, apart from official bouts; so long one value and pay equal respect to one’s own age old culture and tradition, passed down form generations to generations. 
And yes, it also creates jobs and helps in easing unemployment problems in the country, which goes almost above 3%. It brings home huge sum of money via tourism that in some ways boost the economy of the country.

If you really have a problem and wishes to find an answer, then perhaps it's time you start digging out the actual source of influences coming in and sieve those, before it touches young souls without educating them on the good and the bad of it. We have got numerous foreign language institutes in the town, if not for fore mentioned advantages, why spent so much hard earned money of yours into leaning those languages? 

Oh, I speak five different languages and a few local dialects of the country!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Unobserved subtle habit and its vulnerability

If you truly love your mother, you will, then love and respect all women. But, if you treat your mother nothing more than an ATM or a scolding parrot. Then you are, most likely, going to treat any women, nothing more than some commodities.

I feel deep inside, the root cause of all sorts of mistreatments against women, is this subtle unobserved or unattended attitude; that we overlook and later becomes a chronic social disease.

We can prevent the disease at home, if observed from day one!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Letter to Thimphu Chhu and Ola-rong Chhu

Dear serene madams Thimphu Chhu and Ola-rong Chhu,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the people of Thimphu to say we are so sorry. I know you two are deeply hurt inside lately. Serene Thimphu river you flow through the heart of Thimphu city and perennial Ola-rong river flowing form the other side who joins you near Pelkhil School, must be sobbing deep inside, looking at our inability to make optimal use of you two and bestow ourselves with 24 hours service of clean drinking water. You two might have sobbed last week the hardest seeing helpless inhabitants in Thimphu city living without water for the entire week. Madam Thimphu Chhu and Ola-rong Chhu, I know how much you two have had pitied souls thriving especially in Changbangdu, Olakha and Babesa. There was no water for almost 9 days and it was not your fault at all, but ours solely.

Madam Thimphu Chhu and Ola-rong Chhu please dont get us wrong, our city is still in the growing stage and we dont have adequate fund. We are doing everything in our capacity to appease you two and make optimal use too. I really mean it madams, I have seen and heard too, how much everyone is toiling day in day out to avail the treasure you have for us.

Let me enlighten you madams Thimphu river and Ola-rong Chhu of our tentative plans as to how we will avail your treasure, as soon as we generate or get some funds. We will drill some holes on your banks, install some pumps, and connect them with pipelines which will lead your treasure into huge water treatment tanks for treatment. But please don’t mind la, when I say, “Treatment” I don’t mean you are contaminated; it is just to get rid of not so-useful-minerals. After treating we will connect every house hold with clean drinking water, which will flow 24 hours.

That’s our tentative plan la, however problem still exists, we don’t know how soon we can manage to generate our own fund or get some funds from other sources. It could be like one or two or even three decades. But, we will keep working very hard la, so we can make your dream a real one to make optimal use of your generosity and bestow every household in and around city with 24 hours running clean drinking water supply. I must also admit now only la, dear Thimphu Chhu and Ola-rong Chhu, that we cannot promise any sooner, but we will try our best.

Until then we have strong faith in you two la, please don’t plan on leaving us too soon in the name of climate change, nor dry upon us saying your glacial reserve is running low. If at all you do, before we fulfill your dreams, then we can never forgive ourselves la. We are extremely sorry for our incapability as of now.

Till then; please don’t mind fishes and frogs making babies in you la. They are just living their lives.


Yours Faithfully,

Thimphu City,

Thimphu River flowing in the heart of Thimphu City

Saturday, January 14, 2017

National Flag Stickers: Love for my country Bhutan

I am going to have my National flag stickers on all of my belongings..Its all over in  town, you can get it between Nu. 50, 100 to 150..... This is my fourth...

You are free to adopt the idea... Its copyright free.....

Oh, you are welcome :D.... 

Peldan Drukpa Gyalo!!!

National Flag sticker 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dew on the Rose (Morning Prayer - 1)

Wash away the dirt on your face with water,
Ease the pain inside with words,
Dispel your doubts by asking.

Enrich yourself by observing and listening,
Dont be scared of getting hurt,
It is simply because you're yet to learn roses have thorns.

keep your eyes, ears and heart open,
To share, learn, feel and experience new things always.
There is never an end to it, however dew does dry.

Oh, my, dear, how lovely aint it?
Dew on the rose,
So, beautiful, so perfect together.

Though, none can own it beyond morning,
World can still admire and draw inspiration,
Thorns dont bother one anymore.

Dew on the Rose

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Water, water, everywhere. So, I let it flow?

We look forward to weekends wholeheartedly, primarily to shed off the fatigue of the week then sit back and relax, and also to have some quality family time. On weekends, some plan to go out for some dry picnics or hikes or movies or visit relatives and friends. But, most of the folks end up home itself to do laundry and chores, cancelling every plan of the weekend.

You wake up quite late, since it is weekend. Gathering all your cloths dumps them into a washing machine and to your disaster, there is no water!. "I should have planned for a hike or movies or go and visit my relatives and friends or do this or that, rather than wasting time being home doing nothing. Had I knew there is not going to be water on the weekend?" You frustratingly regret and felt the pinch of water shortage in the vicinity. You are not giving up that easily. Calls up a friend, retrieves everything from the washing machine, puts them in a bag and you zoom off.

But, once you are there, you dont mind keeping the tap on when not in use. Just to wash a pair of Lagay you need a bucketful of water. How much water you are going to need to wash your inner wear and shorts? That I dont know. And as a compliment, besides laundry you take shower too, like there is a river flowing through perforated nozzle. Oh, brushing your teeth looking at the mirror and leaving the tap on is your habit, I wonder how it pleases your ear? And you are not yet done.

In a place like Thimphu where sun light is ample and the humidity is low especially during winter, it is quite easy for cloths to dry. We dont even have to spin and waste energy. After letting them drip for a while, we can directly hang in the veranda. That much we can do to save energy, when  by the virtue of having ample sunshine and also it is almost our practice whereby we dry our cloths outside in a very natural way. Unlike in some other countries whose cloths never get to see the light of the sun: on, during and post laundry, until dried and worn. It is all done inside.

In the middle of everything, light goes out. You are half done!

Until you turn the tap off when not in use, you have actually not felt the pinch of water shortage. You have not learnt anything about it, and you are most likely going to do the same thing next weekend also. Till you come to an understanding with yourself, "Yes, there is water shortage, not only at home but through out the globe." You will do the same, whenever and wherever you do laundry or chores. It all starts with an unattended attitude.

Both the problem and the solution begins from home. It just a matter of turning the tap on or off, when not in use.

Are you still with this old mindset, "Water, water everywhere. So, I let it flow?"

A young girl drinking from a tap.
Pic : Google