Monday, April 24, 2017

Mid night Prayer - Sleeping amongst the stardust

Through what one might have not to tread,
All for a sound sleep at the end of the day.

Blessed you are, if with an ease twinkle amongst the stars.
Floating in the clouds beneath you see your home.

A ' many ' day's toil rob the beauty of the moon, 
Soul moan deep into the cold night, tug of war all within you.

At the dawn you were shivering in the toils of yesterdays. 
An icy blade of uncertainty struck in the heart.

About the first rays of the sun,
you are sleeping amongst the stardust.

Be gentle and kind to the universe and yourself alike. 
You deserve it too. 

Oh, my, oh, love yourself and learn to smile too. 
It's not time that is less , but you and I.

Keep smiling. . Life's just beautiful

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Highly Qualified Brain. Highly forsaken Heart

I wonder midst learned people, highly qualified and extremely intellectual. Bring a topic and you are knocked out in the first round. Argument as sharp as samurai's sword, debate as hard as steel, you are no match.

But, sadly creates more rifts in a firm wall, then filling the gaps or addressing the loop holes. How I wish they make use of the power of heart too.

I wonder midst learned people!!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Morning prayer

Waking up early in the morning, throwing unbiased relaxed casual glances through agape worn out window, curtains often tempting the sight, and morning rain chilled brie kissing my weary eye cups, caresses for just a decisecond and bids farewell. My soul simply wonders if morning rain chilled brie ever wondered how had I been through the whole night? In another decisecond, my heart consoles, "It is the very way of life you are just being naive, be grateful you woke up to be kissed by the zephyr."

Live on and let live, life's a miracle!!

OM written on the sacred lake Nubtshonapata,
completely frozen in Feb 2017, at 4130 meters above the sea level.

OM a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra
 in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of
 most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Support for ANA by KARMA (Empowering women and promoting Bhutanese Weavers)

ANA by KARMA is a venture that helps in fulfilling Bhutanese weavers' dream to step up as small business, using their own talent and creativity in the heritage art of weaving. Weavers, who are mostly women, villagers, illiterate and struggling to make ends meet without a proper job; weave scarves and sell them worldwide with the help of Quin Thong ( ), an accountant from Hongkong, who also came up with an idea and founded ANA by KARMA. The decent money they earn through weaving and selling scarves, it helps in supporting their family, and to start also small home based business.
ANA by KARMA is currently applying for a grant from FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Hongkong SAR, where Top-10 Shortlisting for the grant will be done based on the highest numbers of votes acquired through Facebook.
Therefore, kindly follow the link  to vote and show your support. Please share the link with people around the world. Your vote and support empowers women in the country!
After voting once you can re-vote after 24 hours. The voting is on from 16th March to 3rd May 2017.

Thanking you for your support!
An ANA readying to weave a scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page
Ocean Blue Scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page


There is a reason why we always use a tall
standing mannequin to represent ANA by KARMA as a visual brand image.
At fairs. At retail shops. All our Bhutanese weavers stand tall,
proud to showcase their rainbow colour weavings
 - testimony of their talent in heritage weaving.
We are not looking for free handouts, we do not request for donations,
we want to stand tall and earn our own.
 — Quin Sq
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page

A model trying out ANA by KARMA's scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Song of the moon

It has been a while since I last saw the moon from my window.
Oh, forgot I. It is already into last phase of the lunar cycle.

Wherever thou art, be safe, keep smiling and see you on the waxing crescent. 
For now I bid ya sweetest slumber.

An ode to my SONY VAIO laptop

I and my Laptop have got a very achey breaky relationship. Just 2 months ago as I was writing a long blog it broke on me. I was so upset. After much hurdle and hassle I brought her back to life. I was so happy.

Just now, after two months of her rebirth; amid a long blog post, a photo frame hung high on the wall falls off and shatters her LCD. Oh, my Oh, how did I not see it coming? How did I not safe guard her from disaster? Oh, how can I not believe what the frame has done to you? What is going to happen of you? Oh my dear, I know not.

My dear Laptop, I will try my best to bring you back to life yet again. I will do everything I can. I am not giving up on you, for you have been so amazing with me day in day out. How can I let you be in pain? How can I turn a blind eye to you? You have been one of my favorite companions so far. I will try my best my dear, and dont you give up on me just too soon.

Yet, if everything is out of our hands and nothing can be done. My dear Laptop, my darling, with pain and ache deep inside, I will let you rest in peace. Please don't try to hold back if you really can't, it is simply going to hurt you throughout your life. It is going to drain you out. It is going to choke you and that will hurt me as well. Plus leave me guilty. For me you will never be an obsolete but someone who passes away in an old age. I will always remember you as one of my best friends. I will tell tales of you to others. And also of how everything comes to an end.

Now breath slowly my dear and be gentle, until the doctors sees you. Let's be positive and keep smiling for now..

My darling : Broken LCD

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Magic in the yonder days

Every soul must pass through this gate called, "An old Age" except some either don't make it unfortunately or boycott. It needs some kind of guts, discipline and positive attitude to grow old, I guess. And, I too wonder like you are wondering alike every soul would wonder of tomorrow, to the point wherein this wondering would orient the way one lives today and gives soul a hope that, "There is magic in the yonder days."

When you get there you realise the distance ain't that long and the time ain't that slow. Live your life happily every moment as though it could be the end, and when it is near ending live as if it is at the threshold of beginning.

Life is it too short to frown over dark yesterdays and anticipate too much for known tomorrow, for it might dishearten you when it go bitter unexpectedly. 

Be positive, and keep smiling. Life's just beautiful.

My father, my inspiration who survived cancer last year is just learning the art
of Photography with a borrowed camera from my friend.
It is never too old to learn new things!